A small part of the ancient walls of Sighisoara crashed. This issue arises questions about protecting the heritage of the medieval town


Sighisoare, well known as a cultural heritage of Romania, faces issues with preserving the only inhabited medieval city in Eastern Europe. It’s not the first time that a part of the wall is crashing, ten years ago, a part of 10 meters of the wall also ruined. The administration answered about the issue that since two years there are requests about the wall consolidation, but it remained only in project stage.

The portion of the wall that has collapsed lies between the Tailor’s Tower and the Wicker’s. Authorities immediately isolated the site and restricted access to pedestrians and cars. The Ministry of Culture, the State Inspectorate for Construction and the National Heritage Institute again received requests for restoration aid. But the main problem is that since it’s a historical monument there is the need for a special technical expertise. Chief Architect of the Sighişoara City Hall, Adina Popescu suggest that all the walls needs to be checked and also where problems are found they need to be consolidated. The Sighisoara Citadel, built in the 12th century by Saxon settlers, was listed on UNESCO’s monument in 1999.